Mandatory vehicle registration
to the Customs Service in Belarus and Russia

Make customs declaration

Are you going to Russia or Belarus by car or motorcycle?

All transport not registered in this country must be declared at the border to the Customs Service when entering this countries.

What do you have to do on the border?

If a car or motorcycle does not have Belarusian or Russian license plates, the driver must fill in a customs declaration and report the vehicle to the Local Customs Service. On the border of Belarus and Russia at the entrance or exit you need to go through the so-called "red channel".

Customs Declaration for Car (Motorcycle)

Completing the declaration in manual form is the most popular method of applying to the Customs Service among travelers. Because of this you could waste a lot of your time in a queue on the border. Download the customs declaration for manual filling
How to travel faster through the border? *

* Only at selected checkpoints in Belarus

Speed up customs clearance at the entrance to Belarus

Along with the usual method of declaring in a manual way there is modern
electronic declaration of the vehicle to the Customs Service (ЭПИ).

Why should you register electronically?

  • Special separate channel *

    Whoever uses e-declarations has a separate line in the Belarussian border crossing, it is almost always empty.
    * Only at selected checkpoints in Belarus
  • Easy and fast way of declare

    Our service will make it easy to submit electronic applications to the Belarusian Customs Service.
  • Correct filling of the form

    You do not have to worry about how to fill out the customs declaration form without mistakes, we will do everything for you and in accordance with the Belarusian law.
  • Registration confirmation

    Your declaration will be registered in the Belarusian Customs Service and you will receive an email confirmation.

Declaration of vehicle to the Customs Service of Russia and Belarus

The vehicle declaration completed here should be printed out and shown to the customs officer at the border

1) driver's passport
2) vehicle registration document

or use the data from your previous order

Electronic customs declaration*
entry to Belarus

* Electronic declaration with separate line in checkpoint is possible upon entry into Belarus:
From Poland through border crossings Bruzgi (Kuznica in Poland), Berestowica (Bobrowniki in Poland)
From Lithuania through the border crossing Privalka (Rajgardos in Lithuania)

Service is available free of charge for clients
For the rest, the price is 3

This is a paid service: price is 10 pln.
What's included?

Not for citizens of Belarus and Russia!
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